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Davison is a recognized petroleum industry leader featuring their own quality lubricant line and major brand, anti-Freeze/coolants as well as distributing numerous national brands. They are the authorized distributor of CAM 2 and Super S products in their delivery area as well.  With over 100,000 square foot of warehouse space, they provide over 600 stocking items. Distribution encompasses 26 states domestically to customers including grocers (wholesale and retail), auto part stores and chains, lube distributors, hardware stores and chains, discount stores, vehicle sales and service facilities, retail establishments, municipalities, construction and transportation concerns and foreign exports.

Davison is committed to being a low overhead, full-service company, providing quality products at competitive prices with professional value added sales and service support.

Below is an abbreviated list of the brands of oils stocked in their warehouse:

Lubricant Products warehouse

Contact us for pricing and delivery information: 251-633-4444 or 800-735-0587